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The Falco was designed for quick assembly, light weight, and low cost. Materials used are those that best meet these requirements.
Assembly time is under 5 minutes, weight is 24lbs (10.9kg), and cost to build is under $100.00US.

What makes the Falco unique among folding kayaks is it's use of plywood side panels, sliding plywood connecting plates, PVC / Vinyl
hinges for frame folding, and folding hinged plywood cross sections. No expensive materials, including sponsons are required, keeping
costs to a minimum.

Use the {BACK} key to return from the Links below. - The Falco assembled and folded plus a PVC travel bag for airline, auto, or motorcycle
transport. Motorcycle transport is the reason I built folding kayaks in the first place :wink:

When folded, the coaming, deck rigging, deck ridge, and deck hatches fold inside for quick assembly. The keel and seat
plate are stored inside also, though the take-apart 4 section keel gets assembled for use. The keel is straight with no bent
aluminum stem pieces. It slides easily into PVC sleeves at the stems, greatly simplifying assembly. - The main structure is comprised of 3ea per side X 48" X 8.5" X 3/16"
(122cm X 22cm X 5mm) plywood side panels that use PVC hinges for folding. The side panels are connected together with
sliding plates that are 15" X 6" X 3/16 (38cm X 15cm X 5mm) plywood. These stiffen and strengthen the frame,
and slide apart allowing the kayak to fold via the PVC hinges. The plywood panels are covered with PVC as this makes
a base for attaching the PVC hinges for folding and also the PVC hinges and Velcro for the cross sections. Plus, it
gives the boat a true SOF appearance. Frame pics were taken before adding the deck. - Deckridge and frame details. The 4 folding 1/2" (12.7mm) cross sections
are hinged on one side with PVC and connect on the opposite side with Velcro. This means that the cross sections simply fold
over inside the hull which makes assembly / breakdown very easy. The plywood cross sections attach to the keel with HDPE snaps.
The front deckridge is wood and it also folds for assembly. - Folding sequence .... before the deck was attached. - The keel is 3/4" (19mm) aluminum tubing as it's the easiest method of making
a stringer that disassembles, though wood can be used also. The front and back of the keel tube slide into a PVC sleeve during
assembly and the 4 keel sections stay inside the boat when disassembled. The hull bottom and deck are PVC skinned. - Roll-Up dry bag style deck hatches. The deck is PVC skinned and uses clear vinyl drybag
style hatches for storage as well as providing "visual" access to cross sections 1 and 4 for assembly. The clear vinyl used for the hatches
provides more light for assembly. The rolled-up hatches secure to the deck with Velcro, though plastic buckles can also be used. - The breakdown coaming is made of 1/2" (12.7mm) aluminum tubing that connects at the
center with 3/8" (9.5mm) inserts. The coaming is covered with PVC . It folds into the skin during disassembly. By folding with the skin,
no time is lost during assembly. A loose fitting clear plastic seal that is glued around it's edges allows the coaming to fold while
providing a waterproof connection for the aluminum coaming tubes. - The deck rigging uses glued PVC tabs and D-Rings to secure the elastic cord. The rigging
folds with the skin for assembly, meaning that no time is lost during assembly. - Plywood / PVC seat plate. The seat plate is 3/16" (5mm) plywood, same as the side panels
and sliding plates. The seat snaps under the bottom of the plywood panels (chine) and is reinforced with PVC strips along the edges for
durability in the chine area. An inflatable cushion, foam or hard seat can be added, or the seat plate can serve as the seat alone. - PVC travel bag. In addition to the kayak, it also holds 2 breakdown GP paddles.

The Falco folding kayak is as easy and as inexpensive to build as my non folding wood frame kayaks ... and that's something I would never
have thought possible.

Here's a drawing of the next Falco. It too will have 5mm plywood side panels, 12mm plywood cross sections, aluminum keel,
12.7mm aluminum coaming, and a PVC skin and hinges. Cost should be about $125.00US with assembly less than 5 minutes. - The Falco 16 is a Greenland style design.

Simple is as simple does :mrgreen:

Regards, Tom



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