Understanding your persona's journey is nothing more

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Understanding your persona's journey is nothing more

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Map your persona’s journey industrial-marketing-1than identifying the different paths they take until they make the decision to buy your product or service. In industrial marketing, it is essential that you think about each step that your ideal customer will go through, and what their points of contact are with your brand. This understanding, in turn, helps you think about the best solutions to offer. This involves: Selection of the best content to be shared; Identification of the ideal approach for each moment your persona is in, with a view to assertively delivering your message.

Therefore, mapping your persona's journey is also important because it is essential to understand the main “pains” (questions, needs) that they feel throughout their relationship with your business. By identifying the moments in which it feels the america phone number list need to receive information or proposals, your company's approach tends to be increasingly refined. This generates more results, improves relationships with old customers and contributes to attracting new ones. 3.


Create an action plan To guide the progress of industrial marketing planning, there needs to be a clear and effective action plan. Agile Marketing Plan: create yours As an example, we have separated a checklist created to ensure that companies follow the defined plan and guarantee maximum assertiveness in their results. industrial marketing 2 Marketing and sales in the industry: how to connect? It is important to always emphasize that marketing does not sell. It generates demand. In other words: when developed strategically, it attracts better prospects so that your sales team can work more assertively on these contacts and close more deals. Funnel that demonstrates the connection between marketing and sales.
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Re: Understanding your persona's journey is nothing more

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